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Running Toward A “Virtual” Finish

The first version of this article, the one that got scrapped because of COVID 19, had a list of great fun runs and races planned across the DC metro area. Well, like everyone else, the athletic world has figured out how to create similar opportunities that encourage runners, walkers and cyclists without getting them together in groups. Because most of the Stay at Home Orders still allow (if not encourage) exercise, this article has been tweaked to provide you with some fun options you may not have known about.

If you visit some of the most popular websites, like Active.com, you can search for “where”, “when” and even the “type” of activity you would like to participate in. The registration fee, or some portion of it, typically goes to a charity, but if that is important to you, please check the details. For example, when in Active.com, I found a run for a specific day: Memorial Day. There is a limit to the number of participants since they have a suggested route and don’t want too many people on the route on the same day. A map will be sent to you and a swag bag and metal mailed to you after you send your results in.

Another fun website to check out is www.virtualrunevents.com. As soon as you open it up you will find options like a “2020 Social Distancing 6k – We’re all in this together, but six feet apart!”  Or, The Great Toilet Paper Chase, or another called Get Uranus Moving.  The beauty of these is that is can be run or walked from any location in the world and you get to choose whether you use a treadmill, path or local track. You go at your own pace and time yourself.

Are you into comics or superhero movies? Then, www.Peakvirtualraces.com is for you. I saw one called “The Empire Strikes Back” and another listed as “80th Anniversary of Marvel Comics.” Plus, a portion of the proceeds from these races go to Make a Wish Foundation.

The www.badassrunners.com website seems to be geared to younger runners, like those in their 20s. I say this solely based on the pictures I saw. This site has a specific section for runs or walks that benefit charities.

Lastly, there is www.goneforarun.com. Their races benefit the American Red Cross. So, go have some fun looking on the internet for races, fun runs, walks or cycling events. All of the website mentioned above have options for kids, families, as well as for individuals.

Please remember to comply by your state’s Stay at Home Order and if you chose to exercise with someone, it should be with the person or people who reside in your home.  If you find yourself coming close to another person, veer to the side a minimum of 6 feet.  If you are coughing or sneezing for ANY reason, because you cannot be sure you are not infected, you should not participate in activities in public. That is the disclaimer and good advice.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay active!

By Lee Ann Weir, CMCA, AMS

Lee Ann is the General Manager for Quarry Springs at Stoneyhurst Condominium located in Bethesda Maryland. She is honored to work with an incredible team of concierge, gate attendants and maintenance personnel. Outside of work she is the President of the After Prom Party for Rockville High School. Lee Ann has been an active member of the Quorum Editorial Committee for the past four years.

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