Submissions to be considered for 2023 Conference & Expo and/or Q1 2023 are due by COB November 1, 2022 for review. 

WMCCAI’s educational program is seeking experienced thought leaders, industry innovators, and dynamic presenters who can engage their audience and initiate thought-provoking discussions focused on learning that can help managers, homeowners, and business partner members grow and advance in their community association industry endeavors. Education is a key mission of the chapter, and you can be a part of it!  We hope to keep the Call for Presentations open year-round, as the industry is always evolving and inspired session topics can occur at any time!  For now, we are accepting proposals for 2023 Conference & Expo education, which is scheduled for February 24-25.

The educational programs hosted by WMCCAI benefit our membership in the following ways:

  • CAI presents many learning opportunities for community association managers, volunteer leaders and homeowners. Managers receive continuing education credits for each program to achieve and retain CAI professional manager designations.
  • By speaking at these educational programs, business partners and managers who are subject matter experts gain exposure to and build relationships with our membership.

We request that submissions be formatted for presentation in person as well as virtual platform training.   Strong proposals will focus tightly on specific relevant content and include opportunities for attendee engagement.

We are looking for interactive, discussion-based, and innovative delivery styles. Case studies, hands-on, on-site property sessions are encouraged. Sessions can be 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length; please note: Conference & Expo sessions are largely 60 minute sessions for Saturday.

More details are provided below.

Why You Should Submit a Proposal
  • Share your skills, experiences, and vision with leaders.
  • Increase your visibility; gain recognition and distinction within the community association industry.
  • Participate in a unique forum that brings community association professionals, service providers, and homeowners together.
  • Play a part in improving community association living and promote the professionalism of those serving community associations.
Need a suggestion on what topic to submit? Past program attendees have suggested some topics you can consider. Click to the button below for a complete list!


  • Budgeting, financial statement components and analysis, reserves, capital project planning and funding, audit process and reports.

Insurance/Risk Management:

  • Insurance requirements, claims, risk/liability reduction best practices, understanding insurance proposals, funding, large insurance increases or changes.


  • Case law and court decisions, compliance with state and federal laws; assessment collection/delinquencies, covenants enforcement, human resources/personnel management, board of directors’ roles/responsibilities.


  • Contracting, project planning, preventive maintenance, environmental concerns, landscaping strategies, EV charging stations, building exterior and parking garage maintenance and waterproofing.

Professional Development

  • Projecting a professional image, public speaking skills, writing appropriately and effectively; email etiquette, managing stress, achieving work/life balance; recruiting and maintaining staff, handling adversarial situations and conflict.


  • If you feel you have a topic of potential interest to WMCCAI attendees that is not listed above: please specify the focus area you are proposing and why it is especially relevant.

We are looking to equip our members with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle the many challenges that professionals in this industry face every day. Being a part of WMCCAI’s educational mission is a rewarding experience that will give you the opportunity to share your expertise and vision with leaders while increasing your visibility in the community association industry.

As we build the 2023 education program, we are looking for presentations for all experience levels, for all of our members.

Submission on any of these topics, or your own unique ideas, may be submitted through November 1, 2022.

Submission Guidelines
    • Submission Guidelines/Speaker Terms and Conditions: 
    • For the complete WMCCAI Education Presentation Terms and Conditions, click here to review
    • Applications must be completed through the online form, which includes: the title of your presentation, short description of the program you would like to present, name(s) and short bio(s) of speaker(s).  You do not need to submit an agenda or slide deck at this time.
    • No more than three proposals per individual may be submitted in any 12-month period.
    • Each proposed instructor must be available on the agreed upon presentation date.
    • Presentations that market specific products and/or services will not be approved. Presenters who violate the spirit of this or other policies may be precluded from participating in future programs. Presenters may sponsor the program at which they are presenting, but this does not influence the selection of speakers. Presenters do not have approval rights over program sponsors.
    • The Chapter does not pay speakers, nor does it pay or reimburse travel expenses of program speakers, but those expenses may be sponsored.
    • Take-away handouts are encouraged but not required. Presenters are permitted to reproduce handouts on company letterhead. Handouts must be pre-approved by the chapter in advance of the program. Presenters are responsible for printing handouts, if applicable, at no expense to the chapter.

Submissions will receive an update by December 15, 2022 regarding the status of their 2023 C&E education proposal.

Resources for Speakers

Chapter Power Point Template

All power point presentations for chapter education programs and webinars are required to use this template. (Link to template)

Conference and Expo presentations will use a special template which will be posted here in January 2023.

Tips for Speakers

Check out this document with 20 Time -Tested Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Captivate your Crowd  for help in preparing your best presentation.  Thank you to the Keystone Chapter of CAI for this resource.

Free Presentation Training for Speakers

Take advantage of FREE articles, tips and videos to enhance your presentation skills from Business Training Works.