Call for Presentations Opens June 15, 2019!

We need experts to be a part of our 2020 education initiatives, giving our members the knowledge and skills they need to be better managers, board members, and industry professionals! The Education Committee has developed a Designated Topic strategy to provide a more targeted approach to its educational offerings. The initial list appears below with more to follow! Of course, there are going to be relevant topics that aren’t on the list and we welcome those submissions as well. We seek passionate, engaging speakers whose expertise with their subject matter will provoke discussion, debate and a better understanding of the issues the industry is facing.


Why You Should Submit a Proposal
  • Share your skills, experiences, and vision with leaders.
  • Increase your visibility; gain recognition and distinction within the community association industry.
  • Participate in a unique forum that brings community association professionals, service providers, and homeowners together.
  • Play a part in improving community association living and promote the professionalism of those serving community associations.
Session Attendees Have Shown an Interest in the Following Topics
  • Financial Statements; Association Audits; Operating Budgets
  • Reserve Studies Methodologies
  • Understanding Contract Documents
  • Using Technology as a Management Tool
  • Safety & Security – The Association’s Responsbilities
  • Human Resources for Managers
  • Managing Your Community’s Online Presence
  • Developing & Maintaining Manager Professionalism
  • The Insurance Claim Process from Start to Finish
  • Communicating in a Culturally Diverse Environment
  • Management Performance Metrics
  • Effective Strategies for Coping with Bad Behavior
Submission Guidelines
  • Applications must be completed through the online form.
  • No more than three proposals per individual may be submitted.
  • Each proposed instructor must complete and submit the online form.
  • Each proposed instructor must be available on the agreed upon presentation date.
  • Each proposed instructor must provide a biography (resume, CV, or company web page are NOT acceptable).
  • Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline.
  • Applicants will receive an update in Fall 2019 regarding the status of their proposal.