Chapter Announcements

WMCCAI’s 2017 Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to all the 2017 WMCCAI Award Winners.  


Jennifer Bennett, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Barkan Management Company

Jennifer led the education council with confidence and creativity. She worked with the conference & expo and education committees to think outside their box and find new ways to accomplish their goals. She encouraged the involvement of everyone on the committees and could be counted on to help with any task needed. Under her leadership this year, the conference continued its growth with more exhibitors and attendees than ever before and education sessions gave members a great variety of topics. As the council chair, she worked closely with the committee chairs, board of directors and staff to ensure chapter programs were successful during the transitions in the office this year.


Leslie Cruz, CMCA, AMS
Associa-Community Management Corporation

Leslie is always smiling and actively supports the chapter events committee with creative ideas for all our events. She can be counted on to volunteer onsite and works hard to ensure every event is successful. 

Leslie Brown, ESQ.
Rees Broome

Leslie diligently served on the Quorum editorial committee. In addition to writing for Quorum, she is a great support to other authors and the committee. She volunteers every year at conference & expo.

Scott Burka, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Delbe Management

Scott is an active member of the D.C. LAC. He actively serves as a subcommittee co-chair, coordinating the LAC’s comments and responses to current legislation and is often called upon for his expertise in the D.C. market. He is a frequent speaker at chapter education programs.

Michael Zupan, ESQ.
Mercer Trigiani

Michael is a volunteer on the Quorum editorial committee. He gave his time and talent offering article ideas and writing for Quorum on a regular basis.

Craig Magargel, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Associa-Community Management Corporation

Craig is also an active participant on the D.C. LAC, contributing ideas as well as recording minutes for the committee. He also presented a session at this year’s conference & expo.

Chris Goodman

Chris is active on the conference & expo and the education committees.  He can be counted on for any task, always has a smile on his face, and is a regular attendee at chapter programs.


Michelle Thompson
Fairfax County Consumer Affairs

Our Virginia Public Advocate works closely with the Virginia Legislative Committee, keeping the chapter informed of local issues and services related to Common Interest Communities in Fairfax County. She serves as a valuable link between the county and the chapter.

Thomas Schild, ESQ., CCAL
Thomas Schild Law Group, LLC

Our Maryland Public Advocate chairs the Chapter’s Maryland Legislative Committee. Under his leadership, the committee has provided comment and edits to bills in Montgomery and Prince George’s County with great success, building relationships with local legislators along the way.

Scott Burka, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Delbe Management

Our D.C. Public Advocate devoted a great deal of time working on the D.C. LAC. He attended meetings with the D.C. Council advocating for CAI and community associations; he helped draft documents and is actively working with the LAC and D.C. Council on manager license legislation.


Laura Goguet, CMCA, AMS
Cardinal Management Group, AAMC

The Recruiter of the Year Award is presented to the member who recruits the most CAI members in one year, as determined by CAI. Our chapter continues to be the largest of CAI’s 62 chapters with nearly 3,000 members! This award winner, Laura recruited 10 new members for the Chapter this year.


Jane Rogers, ESQ.
Whiteford, Taylor and Preston

Jane wrote articles for Quorum, presented a session at conference & expo, spearheaded a D.C. homeowner education session, and provided leadership as the chair of the D.C. LAC.  She is known throughout the Chapter as an exceptional leader and teacher.


June Chulkov
Kolas Contracting

This year’s Committee Chair of the Year has served as the chapter events committee chair for two years.  She is known as the Pinterest Queen for her skills in décor seen at all our Chapter events. Her positive and can-do attitude is instrumental in the success of the chapter’s networking events. 


Crishana Lortisch, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Town Squares Towers Condominium

Crishana could be seen everywhere! She led the communications council with confidence and commitment.  She provided leadership to the Quorum, outreach and membership committees, was a consistent volunteer at chapter programs welcoming new members and reaching out to non-members, and she spoke at Chapter education sessions.


Jaime Barnhart, CMP


Greg Minkoff
Minkoff Companies

Greg served as Chapter President in 2009 and won the President’s Award in 2008, Chapter Appreciation Award in 2005, and has been a member of CAI since 1989.  He played a critical role as the Chapter transitioned leadership, helping the staff and board navigate the economic downturn. He was part of the group that revamped the Chapter’s annual corporate sponsorship offerings to develop today’s Chapter Partnership Program.

Ed O’Connell, ESQ.
Whiteford, Taylor and Preston

Ed has been a CAI member since 1980! He served as Chapter President in 2014 and was named a Rising Star in 2001.  He remains a member of the Virginia Legislative Committee and a frequent contributor to Quorum magazine.  Members seek his guidance and counsel often about community associations and he is a great support to the staff and chapter.