We Celebrate You, The Volunteer!

We make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.
                                                                                                 – Winston Churchill


We have multiple education sessions each month, networking events throughout the year, and the monthly publication of a magazine. WMCCAI is a busy chapter! It is all possible because of you, our members.

Becoming a member of an industry association is easy—fill out the applica­tion and your membership card arrives in the mail. Committing your time and efforts to volunteer as an association leader is the hard part.

Volunteering is good for you—personally and professionally. Through committee work, you develop new skills, take on a leadership role, and make an impact on the success of the chapter. Friendships develop as you build a network of new business contacts. In 2017, more than 300 members, roughly 10% of our membership that year, donated thousands of hours to chapter programs and publications.

Want to improve your writing—join the Quorum Editorial Committee and write articles. Are you passionate about the benefits of membership? If you are, support your co-members through the Membership Committee. Con­nect with the community around us as a member of the Public Outreach Committee. Want to develop educational programming for the community association industry? The Education Committee always has room for more ideas! And as you saw last month, Conference & Expo is a huge event, and the C&E Committee loves new committee members to build our premier event. Chapter Events and Golf Committees meet monthly to create major networking events throughout the year for all our members. Our Legislative Committees work to keep the chapter updated on the impact of local legis­lation on community associations.

National Volunteer Week is April 15-22. We celebrate you. Thank you for all the hours, the ideas, the skills, and the dedication to our chapter’s suc­cess. WMCCAI is a strong, vibrant, and growing organization…because of you.


Jaime Barnhart, as the chapter’s executive director, is responsible for implement­ing the organization’s mission and goals, and managing its staff. Jaime has worked in non-profits/associations in the D.C. Metro area for over 12 years focusing on program management, events and trade shows, and marketing. She joined WMCCAI as the events manager in 2015.