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URGENT: Help Preserve Sensible Political Sign Rules in Your Community

On Thursday, January 30th, the House General Laws Subcommittee on Housing/Consumer Protection will consider a bill (HB 720) that will take away association authority to create sensible rules for their homeowners.

HB 720 proposes to override any neighborhood covenants or rules and regulations that govern the placement of political signs in a neighborhood. HB720 would permit the display of political signs advocating for or against a candidate, referendum, or political organization – without limitation on time, place, number or manner.

Homeowners:  This bill changes what you bargained for when you purchased your home. Don’t let the legislature take away your rights to live in a community where restrictions protect you.

  • Protect the integrity of your neighborhood covenants, and the value of your property.
  • Protect the sanctity of your home as a place to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy family and friends.
  • Protect individual property rights.

Associations:  This bill creates additional work for associations by imposing added burdens for enforcement of rules by the association. Increased enforcement means increased administrative costs and more involvement by attorneys, and as a result, added attorneys’ fees.

  • Protect individual property rights.
  • Keep budget costs and assessments low.

In addition, HB 720 seeks to modify existing covenants and restrictions – contracts between and among neighbors – and as such, violates the Virginia constitutional protection of contract rights. Purchasers of homes in covenant restricted communities expect rules, rely upon rules and an association that takes steps to ensure compliance with rules – and that includes signs on individual properties. CAI acknowledges, supports and advocates for disclosure – but also believes that reasonable restrictions should be protected and preserved.

Please contact your legislators NOW and ask them to oppose HB 720. Ask them to vote NO to protect your individual property rights.


CAI Virginia Legislative Action Committee