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Update from the Executive Director

As of yesterday, all three areas served by WMCCAI are under a Stay-At-Home/Shelter-In-Place order. Life and work as we knew it has changed – and yet, the services we provide communities must continue. We must adapt and evolve into this new working environment and yet, as we make changes to our lives, the world around us changes daily – sometimes hourly.

At the start of this year, WMCCAI events had a common theme – JumpStart January was “Resolve to Evolve” and 2020 Conference & Expo’s theme was Evolution2020 – Focus on the Future.  Little did we know just how much evolution was coming our way.  

The chapter is open – we are still here to provide you with the outstanding member services you expect from WMCCAI. The chapter staff and committees are evaluating new programs and new platforms for delivery to deliver education and networking opportunities to our members as soon as safely possible. Until then, visit us on social media; use our Coronavirus Resource Page to get the latest information; and reach out to any of us at the chapter with questions, comments, ideas, or just to say hello!  

A couple ways the chapter is evolving right now to stay connected to our members during this health crisis 

Online Education is coming soon! Virtual Town Halls will be launched very soon. We want to bring you the latest information and forum to learn from other members on how they are managing in this health crisis, how to interpret the stay at home orders and what is considered essential services to name a few topics. This is where we need to hear from you. What topics do you want to see from WMCCAI right now? What knowledge would be most helpful to you as you navigate the new reality of working from home and managing your community? Click here to email the education team 

Virtual Networking in the works! Spring is the time we love to get out and see our friends and colleagues. Since we can’t schedule a happy hour event right now, we are taking our networking events virtual. Stay tuned to chapter announcements on social media and our website for our first virtual happy hour in April.  We can’t wait to see you online – and later this year, we will get back to our in-person networking events.  

Quorum Goes Digital! Digital Quorum was launched in September 2019 and we have built a great issue library online. Click here to view the entire library archive. Many of our members are working remotely – they won’t be in their offices to receive their printed Quorum. Additionally, according to the scientists, this virus can live on paper for days; with multiple points of potential exposure between the printer, mail house, USPS and your homes and offices, we are airing on the side of caution. For May and June 2020 issues, all members will receive Quorum digitally only. All articles and advertisements and features you see in the print version remain the same in the digital format. A bonus is that links are live – you can click on the ads to go directly to the company’s website to learn more about them; links in articles will be live as well. You can go back to September 2019 to see past issues and share articles with your colleagues. If you have any questions about Digital Quorumclick here to email our Publications team 

Typically, we send a bi-weekly e-newsletter to you about upcoming events, education programs and outreach opportunities. We have paused those newsletters temporarily. Instead, I will send you a Chapter Update message weekly. As we add virtual events and sessions, we will let you know about those. This is a trying time for all of us – WMCCAI, CAI and all our members are resilient and resourceful. Stay healthy, stay connected to each other, and we will see you again just as soon as possible. 

As always, find our latest information regarding the Chapter’s response regarding the COVID-19 situation on our COVID-19 Alert Resources Page.