Chapter Announcements



In 2022, the Board of Directors undertook the task of amending all of the Chapter’s Policies and Procedures, including the Chapter’s award offerings and criteria.

An example of the changes made is that instead of a single Volunteer of the Year award, starting in 2023, the Chapter will present a Committee Member of the Year award in each of the 3 member categories:  business partner, manager, and homeowner.  That way, each member category is specifically recognized.  Please encourage your homeowner board leaders to become more involved at the Chapter committee level so that they can be eligible for their new, homeowner-exclusive award category.

Additionally, the Chapter will present not one, but two, Educator of the Year awards.  Over the Chapter’s nearly 50-year history, the way our volunteers educate and instruct our stakeholders has evolved.  Most of us do not remember when Quorum was just a colorless printed newsletter.  Now, we have education not only through Quorum magazine, but through in-person seminars, webinars, roundtables, and group study sessions with educational content available in a brand new, on demand library.  In order to recognize the robust educational offerings the Chapter provides, we will now recognize a Presenter of the Year award for education in the form of speaking, webinars and other presentations, and also a Writer of the year award to recognize members’ contributions to Quorum, in-house course material development and other writings.  We acknowledge that our members provide education in many ways and we are committed to recognizing those distinctions moving forward.

Finally, what was the former Committee Chair of the Year award is re-branded as the Chair of the Year Award which is available to all Committee, Council and Task Force Chairs who have exceeded the Board’s expectations for the year.

In order to provide more clarity on award eligibility, the points system and overall award criteria has been re-organized for clarity.  You can find all of the award criteria in the newly updated Policies and Procedures available on the Chapter website at Policies & Procedures – CAIDC. Please note that with every award, the Chapter’s Executive Committee retains some discretion in order to acknowledge our truly exceptional volunteers for the year that may not be able to be quantified in the points system.

The Executive Committee can’t wait to see what our volunteer leaders achieve this year.

To join a committee and start earning points towards an award, contact the chapter office to be added to the roster. You can also sign up online at WMCCAI Committee Interest Form – Google Forms. Committee meetings are posted on the website calendar; you can join any committee meeting by clicking on the Zoom link in the calendar.