It’s Budget Season

As Labor Day approaches, on behalf of WMCCAI, I would like to once again recognize and thank our volunteers and staff for the contributions you have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the Chapter. WMCCAI thrives because of your efforts, and the financial support provid­ed by our advertisers and partners. Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer; vacations have come and gone, children shortly return to school, and community associations get back to business. The passing of Labor Day also marks renewed focus on another season: budget season.

WMCCAI’s Board of Directors has just wrapped up its budget planning process and will be adopting WMCCAI’s 2018 budget at this month’s meeting. Countless hours of staff preparation, planning and revisions are devoted to providing a draft budget to the board in mid-August each year. This year, WMCCAI’s budget committee met on two separate occasions over many long hours to thoroughly examine and approve each and ev­ery line item in WMCCAI’s budget. As you can imagine, with the multiple goals and objectives of the Chapter, this is no small feat. The budget com­mittee consisted of numerous volunteers from the board, with input pro­vided by council chairs, committee chairs, and their respective committee members. The budget planning process was (and continues to be) open to all members of WMCCAI. I would like to personally thank all involved in this process for your participation and devotion to a prosperous future for WMCCAI.

As this months issue of Quorum magazine’s lead article suggests, an association’s budget provides the framework for all association operations. How thorough are you in your association’s budget planning process? Is the approval of your budget stretched out over an entire year of planning and preparation, or does it all occur in one brief meeting? Does your budget adequately reflect the needs and goals of your association? This months edition of Quorum will provide you with helpful tips and guidance to aid your association through several as­pects of the budget planning process. It is our hope that the community as­sociations which we serve will be strengthened through the education provided in this edition.

WMCCAI Board President

Bruce a senior associate in the law firm of Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn, P.C. His practice is devoted to community association repre­sentation. He has previously served as president of a condominium unit owners’ association and as vice president of a master association, both in Falls Church, VA. Bruce was elected to serve on the WMCCAI Board in 2012, he has authored articles in Quorum, presented at CAI education seminars, and chaired the WMC­CAI Outreach Committee. He was awarded the WMCCAI Rising Star in 2011, Committee Chair of the Year in 2012, and Educator of the Year in 2015.