COVID Task Force

Help Local Schools & Students Through New Communities for Education Project

Students, parents and teachers face enormous challenges as the 2020-21 school year begins. Virtual learning, school budget pressures and the ongoing threat of Covid-19 are just three. You can help by taking part in Communities for Education, WMCCAI’s new public-service project.

Here’s what we’d like our members to do. First, get involved as a PTA volunteer in your community. Next, try to get others in your community involved too. Report back to us about your experience before the end of the school year. We’ll collect stories and share with members so we can learn and grow as we move through this new normal. Send comments and stories to

To kick off this campaign, here’s our first request for help from Stacy Hall, president of the Providence Elementary School PTA in the City of Fairfax, VA:

“We’re trying to assist parents with activities for kids to do on Mondays, when many students may not have an organized activity to do otherwise. Many of our ideas can be done from a computer, but some of the more hands-on activities such as “paint your own pottery” and “build a panther mascot” require materials to be delivered to students. Volunteers to drop these materials off at homes would be greatly appreciated.”

We are excited to share a recently published article featuring our very own Chapter Board member and City of Fairfax Council Member Jon Stehle featured in Virginia Town & City here: