Community Association of the Year Awards: You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play

There is something about the prospect of winning the lottery that brings out the dreamer in all of us. When you are knee deep in the drudgery and the mundane of everyday life, it is a fun distraction to think about the things you would do with all that money.  I am pretty sure my list is similar to others: 1) Give a large amount to charity; 2) Travel to my bucket list destinations and 3) Quit my job and find my bliss. But you know what? All of my daydreaming means nothing because…I don’t play.

When it comes to the Community Association of the Year award, there are so many communities that deserve recognition but for a myriad of reasons, they do not apply for this coveted recognition. Instead of focusing on the reasons why you shouldn’t apply, think of all of the reasons why your community is exactly the kind that deserves recognition. Maybe your community overcame a significant fiscal challenge and was able to position itself back to a financially healthy place. Or perhaps, your community had an image problem with its residents and you were able to address those issues head on, changing the culture from an “us versus them” mentality to one of unity and cohesion based on common goals and aspirations for the community and the residents you serve.  Or maybe your community hasn’t had any fireworks, trials or tribulations to overcome…we want to hear from you! It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, maybe a little blood and even a few tears to work alongside your fellow owner to make your community a wonderful place in which to live. Don’t wait for someone to take notice. Take that leap, rally your troops and put your hat in the ring.

One of the state lotteries had a popular tag line in its marketing campaign to encourage folks to participate and it worked because it spurred to action: You’ve got to play to win. It’s simple and true. The same holds true for the Community Association of the Year awards. You cannot win if you choose not to play. Don’t allow any thoughts of failure, fear of the unknown or negative self-talk prevent you from participating. We have such an abundance of well maintained, well managed communities in our region and we want to afford every opportunity for them to shine. But we need your help to do it! It’s a win/win for all but remember you can’t win if you don’t play!

By Crishana L. Loritsch, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Crishana is the general manager of The Adagio Condominium located in Bethesda, MD. She has been an active member of the chapter since 2002, where she has volunteered on the Quorum Editorial, Membership, and Public Outreach committees and has served as Public Outreach Committee chair, Secretary on the Board of Directors, and Communication Council Chair. Additionally, Ms. Loritsch has received numerous awards including Rising Star, Committee Chair of the Year, Chapter Appreciation Award, and was most recently recognized as the 2017 WMCCAI Volunteer of the Year. An avid runner, she spends many early mornings preparing for her next big race.

Interested in learning more about the Community Association of the Year Awards? Join us on August 8th from 3 – 5 pm at the Chapter Office for a Community Association of the Year Awards Orientation!

Now Accepting Applications for 2019 CAY Awards!

There are more than 333,600 association-governed communities in the United States. What sets your community apart from the crowd? Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Associations Institute is looking for the communities that best represent common-interest community living, excel in two-way communications with residents, and think of others beyond the community’s borders.