Chapter Announcements

Call for Board Nominations

The Inspectors of Election, LLC (TIE) has been appointed as the facilitator and oversight authority for the Chapter’s election of Board Directors. 

We are pleased to be involved with this election. As a part of our services, we are putting out a “Call for Nominations” to fill the open positions on the Board. Per the updated by-laws reducing the size of the Board, the 2018 election should result in a Board of 14 members. Because of the extended term of the 2018 President, only three (3) Directors will be elected in 2018 instead of the four (4) noted in the by-law schedule.  Based on the current makeup of the Board, one of the newly elected directors must be a CAVL member.  The terms are for three (3) years to begin January 1, 2018.

This is your opportunity to get involved and support your Chapter!

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