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Board of Directors Election: Slate Announcement

The Inspectors of Election, LLC (TIE) has been appointed as the facilitator and oversight authority for the Chapter’s election of its Board of Directors.  As a part of our services, we sent a “Call for Nominations” to fill the open positions on the Board.

Below is the slate of members on the ballot for the upcoming election to the chapter board of directors.

This year there are Seven (7) open positions up for election. Four seats are for a 3-year term ending December 2025, two seats are for a 2-year term ending December 2024, and one seat is for a 1-year term ending December 2023.

At least two of the open seats must be filled by Community Association Volunteers in accordance with the Bylaws, and no membership category may have more than 50% of the Board seats.  Since there are 2 business partners and 2 managers currently serving on the board, there cannot be more than 3 additional business partners or more than 3 additional managers elected in this voting cycle.  Also, there cannot be more than 5 Community Association Volunteers elected in this voting cycle.

From among the candidates eligible for election, the candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to serve the longest terms in order of highest votes received until their membership category is filled.  Two of the seats are reserved for Community Association Volunteers and will therefore only be filled from the pool of qualified Community Association Volunteer candidates.

Voting will begin on October 7, 2022. An email will be sent to all chapter members with login information for the ballot. If you did not receive an email, please send an email to Mailed ballots will be sent to any member without a valid email address.

The election and voting policy of the chapter can be found in the chapter bylaws (Article VI, page 5) and policy documents (Section III, page 7).

 No candidate may campaign for election or cause another individual or individuals to campaign on behalf of the candidate. A candidate campaigning for election who is elected shall be disqualified from serving.

Please direct any questions to

Click on the candidate name below to read their candidate statements. 

Jennifer Bennett (MGR)
Christa Brady (BP)
Leslie Brown (BP)
Todd El-Taher (BP)
Michael Feltenberger (MGR)
Kevin Kernan (BP)
Eric Lienhard (HOL)
Jon Stehle (HOL)