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Duty of Care and What it Really Means for Board Members

As anyone familiar with community associations knows, the term “fiduciary” and “fiduciary duty” are commonly thrown around by managers, board members, and owners as generic “catch-alls” to describe board member obligations. Although they are undoubtedly popular buzzwords, their prevalence often oversimplifies their meaning – to the detriment of unwary board members. While some fiduciary duties

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Association Insights

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

I have a t-shirt that says, “The Struggle Is Real”. It has been said that struggle is a part of the human condition. It was a struggle to write this article. The plan was to approach this article in a lofty and lighthearted manner to avoid sounding preachy. However, the more I thought about it,

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Hiring an Expert

Contractor Code of Ethics – A Mythical Unicorn?

Contractors sometimes get a bad rap, so this article is in no way meant to represent that the majority of contractors are unethical.  Most people do not realize or understand that they typically take on significant risk and liability for increasingly complex projects. That said, when a contractor owns a boat named “Change Order” you

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A Board Member’s Duties: What Not to Do

A board member owes a duty of loyalty and care to the association. This means more than being thoughtful and deliberate in making decisions and being considerate of the needs of the residents. It also means a healthy understanding of what not to do as a board member. There is really one over-arching concern: a

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