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Communication Technology

The Digital Divide: Where Twitterville Meets the Real World

The term “digital divide” is often used to describe the differences between people who have access to computers and technology and those who do not. For community associations, however, the digital divide is the gap between the capabilities of the electronic world and the management needs of the physical world. In a culture where people

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Leasing & Occupancy

How Is Your Building Handling the Increasing Volume of Packages?

The online shopping boom has created an operational nightmare at multifamily properties. Amazon shipped more than 5 billion items through its Prime program in 2017. That figure doesn’t even begin to account for the number of packages delivered by competing services like Jet, Overstock, Blue Apron — or even Amazon’s non-Prime customers. For example, at class

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Health & Wellness Landscaping

The Maintenance Benefits (and, Headaches) of Community Gardens

In recent years as the farm-to-table philosophy has taken root in restaurants and markets across the country, it has also become more prevalent even closer to peoples’ homes, and sometimes even within their own backyards. Community gardens have been embraced by neighborhoods from urban cities to suburbia, attracting participants with their promise of locally grown

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Arlington Welcomes E-Scooters with Care

They seem ubiquitous now, although two years ago they were a novelty in our community. Electric scooters (“e-scooters”) are in the so-called “shared mobility devices” (SMDs) group of gas-less vehicles, which include docked bikes (i.e., Capital BikeShare) and dock-less bikes offered around the local jurisdictions by Lime, JUMP, Lyft, and other companies. E-scooters are dock-less

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