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Association Insights Communication

Dream Catchers: How to Lead Your Association from Good to Great

Imagine a community association where members respect and appreciate their boards, committee members, and management team.  Meetings are productive and upbeat.  Different opinions are welcomed and lead to interesting discussions and innovative solutions.  The board has a plan and gets things done.  Volunteers are not hard to find, and the leaders celebrate passing the baton

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Chapter Outreach

2020 WMCCAI Scholarship Winners

The WMCCAI Scholarship Program is open to all high-school seniors within the immediate Washington metro living within a community association (i.e. homeowners association, condominium association, or cooperative association). The 2020 Scholarship Program was solely funded by WMCCAI members, along with our generous scholarship sponsors, Exterior Medics (Gold Sponsor), WINTRUST Community Advantage Bank (Silver Sponsor), and

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Health & Wellness

Community Association Pollution Risk

YES, even a community association has the (very real) potential of becoming liable for third party bodily injury or property damage resulting from the release of pollutants.  This article will identify two of the more common sources of pollution liability for community associations and offer some guidance on limiting these liabilities. But first let’s be

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Communication Health & Wellness

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This year, our harried lives were upended by an unexpected pandemic that compelled abrupt changes to every facet of our lives. One surprising lesson has been the awareness of issues with neighbors.  The small silver lining amongst the chaos is the opportunity to re-learn forgotten conflict resolution skills. Clashes between neighbors are older than any

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