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Association Insights

What is a Community Association + What is a Homeowner Responsible For?

Board of directors and management companies spend a lot of time talking about what a community association is but let us talk about what it is not. Now, there are exceptions to every rule, and you will find out what those exceptions are, that makes your community association stand out. Still, this article will describe,

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Education Upcoming Events

2021 Virtual C&E: Successful Tips to Transport Your Brand from Table to the Virtual Booth

Congratulations! You have decided to participate in WMCCAI’s 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo (C&E). Now what? Now the work begins! You have 6 weeks to take your brand from C&E marketing to the virtual table and into the future growth of your business. Market your brand: Successfully marketing your brand at a virtual conference can

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Credentials Count: Why Industry Credentials are Important

Community association management is an ever-evolving industry comprised of professionals who rely on a broad array of business expertise, financial management, leadership abilities, customer service aptitude, and social dexterity for success. Any one of those talents can be formidable to master. So, what is the most efficient path to achieving these skills and finding career

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Community Maintenance

Bringing Life back to Aging Amenities

Have you ever lived in a new construction community?  Managed a new community?  Remember how special that slide was in the tot lot or even in the pool?  Ah, the shine on those fabulous features one often pays so dearly for… Flash forward ten years, twenty, thirty, dare I say forty or fifty years. What

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