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Legal Seasonal

Everybody in the Pool: FHA Considerations

It’s that time of year and pool season is upon us.  As you prepare your swimming pool facilities to open for the summer, we remind you to also review your pool rules and regulations.  While it is necessary to establish pool safety rules, boards must be careful not to draft such rules in a manner

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Association Insights Communication

Staying on Track for Better Community Association Committee Participation

It is not news that I tell you things are changing all around us. For example, my local newly renovated McDonalds now looks like the set of an early Star Trek movie set, and my grandchildren don’t need go to the bank, but can deposit their paychecks via their handheld devices. When it comes to

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Hiring an Expert Seasonal

Running Toward A “Virtual” Finish

The first version of this article, the one that got scrapped because of COVID 19, had a list of great fun runs and races planned across the DC metro area. Well, like everyone else, the athletic world has figured out how to create similar opportunities that encourage runners, walkers and cyclists without getting them together

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Association Insights Leadership

Hurdling to Success: Finding Your Inner Management Gold Medalist

Hurdle (noun): (1) one of a series of upright frames over which athletes in a race must jump; (2) an obstacle or difficulty. Hurtle (verb): move or cause to move at a great speed, often in an uncontrolled manner If the coronavirus does not put a halt to the event, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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