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Communication Seasonal

Worst Case Scenario: How to Prepare for Emergencies

Everyone in the Washington, D.C. area knows that the time-tested way to prepare for severe weather is to rush to the store and stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper. While this addresses some of the common concerns people face when confronting a hurricane or snow storm, it falls short as a comprehensive emergency

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Community Maintenance Seasonal

When Weather Changes Impact Trash Removal

Calling the current weather shifts and changes “crazy” is steadily becoming an understatement. We are constantly fluctuating from freezing, to warm, to weather that is windy enough to push small carts across the road, all in a matter of days. For waste disposal, these flip flops can cause major issues on every level. Having a

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Emergency Alerts Connect Communities When Danger Looms

Will you know what’s going on if a disaster strikes your community someday? You will if you sign up with your local government to receive emergency alerts on your smartphone, a tablet or another device. Tens of thousands of residents in the Capital Region have already done so and their numbers are rising as emergency

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Communication Technology

You Are Only as Good as Your Last Backup

Avoiding Data Loss After Unforeseen Disasters  How bad would it be if your data was lost and couldn’t be recovered? What if years of financial records or tax returns disappeared; all of your contracts, receipts, and emails gone in a moment? I asked these questions in a meeting with the General Manager of a large

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