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Association Insights Communication Technology

How to Make Remote Business a Virtual Reality

The world has changed drastically in a mere month.  “Social Distancing” became a household term, parents became teachers, and busy, bustling offices turned quiet as businesses transitioned to fully or almost fully remote environments.  Such a quick transition to remote workplaces would be challenging for any business, but for the community association industry, in particular,

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Association Insights

Transitioning With Ease

It’s your first day at your new community as an on-site manager and you walk in ready to take on the world.  You sit down at your desk.  You look to your left and see unfiled papers. You look to your right and you see a stack of invoices. Your staff comes in with questions

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Community Maintenance Hiring an Expert

Questionnaires: An Important Tool in Performing a Successful Transition Study

Transition studies are a must for new communities. A transition study (also referred to as a Warranty study) is an evaluation of the common and limited common elements of a community performed by a professional consultant to help discover any defects in workmanship or materials. An essential part of the study includes the submission of

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Case Study in Change: The Chapter Goes Remote

Transition. Pivot. Adapt. Shift. These words have become common verbs in our daily language, especially when it comes to how we work. Just a few months ago, the chapter office was bustling with staff, committee leaders, volunteers, and delivery workers in high planning mode for 2020 Conference & Expo. Within days of that event ending,

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