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Association Insights

Personality Testing for Manager Hiring

The Problem Those among us who have risen in our industry to the esteemed position of “hiring manager” have faced the problem of finding the right people. Whether your company is growing or just holding its own, you need to find and keep good, competent community managers – those folks who thrive on keeping all

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Association Insights Communication

Better Interviewing, Better Managers

Everyone has had the experience of interviewing or being interviewed for a position, and the process is no different for associations and managers. Whether the manager is being hired to work directly for a board or being proposed by a management company, a good interview will avoid issues down the road. Changes in management are

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Legal Liability

Minimizing Employer Risks in the Post #MeToo Era

In 2017, the viral sensation of social media introduced the world to the ‘me too.’ movement which focused on sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially in the workplace. The movement sparked a renewed focus on workplace policies to prevent claims of sexual harassment. Whether your association has one or more than one employee, it is

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Health & Wellness

Achieving a Work-Life Harmony

Everyone has a different definition of the perfect work life balance. Personal lives will usually dictate what the ideal balance is. Employees that have children may need time off, not only for themselves but also for events or appointments for their children. Recently this has become a benefit that employees are seeking from employers. Recent

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