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Association Insights Legal

The Challenges of Building and Litigating a Short-Term Rental Covenants Enforcement Case

Without a doubt my experiences in representing community association clients in both D.C. and Virginia demonstrated that some of the most challenging covenants enforcement cases involve short-term rental disputes. Many of my clients have been placed in the difficult position investigating and attempting to resolve complaints concerning violations of restrictive covenants that set minimum lease

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Leadership Legal

An Inconvenient Truth: Open Meetings

Open meeting requirements restrict when and how a board of directors may discuss and conduct association business.  With few exceptions, all board meetings, including those of any committee or subcommittee, must be open to all members of the association. To fully appreciate and understand the spirit and intent behind open meeting laws, let’s briefly consider

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Communication Legislation

Ten Years of “Ombudsmanship”

As difficult as it is for me to believe I have been the Common Interest Community Ombudsman for more than ten years now, it is even more difficult to believe I have also aged ten years. Of course, ombudsman years are different than human years, so I have probably aged 15 years over that ten-year

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Association Insights Communication

Distressed Communities: Challenges and Opportunities

According to the Community Associations Institute’s latest numbers there are approximately 6,700 common ownership communities (COCs) in Maryland, representing over 515,000 homes, or 22% of total housing units in the State. This pattern repeats itself across the County. As local planning departments gravitated to the use of HOAs and COAs, more and more households find

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