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How to Reset in 2021

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is, “In the middle of difficult, lies opportunity.” Last year’s focus for our industry and region was “Resolve to Evolve”.  At the time, the primary intent was to be more inclusive, diverse, and open to foster purposeful and productive engagements with the members of our communities and

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Health & Wellness

Flexing from Home: Creative Ways to Work Out During COVID

Through the COVID experience people have needed to find new ways to stay healthy. With the risk of opening facilities such as gyms, fitness centers, and other amenities some have had to become more creative than others. Here are some suggestions for types of activities you can do in your community, creative ideas for types

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Chapter Outreach Volunteering

Chapter Forecast: Planning for 2021 and Beyond!

2020 – aren’t we glad that’s in the past?! Let’s look ahead — to the great plans WMCCAI has for 2021. Conference & Expo The trademark event of our chapter, Conference & Expo has grown and transformed over the past few years. 2021 will be no different…and yet completely different. Large gatherings of 2,000+ will

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Planning for Success: How to Get Back on Track with Your Education

WMCCAI’s vision is to be recognized as the leading resource for community associations and business partners. One way we achieve that goal is through education; in 2020, we delivered nearly 20 individual education sessions in addition to the 21 sessions offered at Conference & Expo. For the manager, CAI offers relevant, multi-discipline professional instruction concerning

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