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Everything You Need to Know, But Are Afraid to Ask…

Dear Quorum, It has taken me awhile to work up the nerve to ask this. It’s so embarrassing. Please don’t use my name, or my location or anything that could possibly trace this back to me. Not that it matters, I’ve opened a new email account on a public computer in order to submit this,

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How to Use Your Association’s Lawyer Wisely

Dear Quorum, How do I keep my community’s legal fees down? It’s true. Some people are better than others at getting the most out of their lawyer while trying to keep a lid on the legal bill. Part of being a good lawyer is to help the board be good stewards of the association’s financial

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Communication Hiring an Expert

Breaking Up is Hard To Do…

Dear Quorum, What is the best way to “break up” or cut ties with a service provider? The honeymoon is over. You have decided to move on from this non-beneficial relationship. The time has come to break ties, cut them loose, break up, but what if breaking that relationship is harder than you thought? In

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Hiring an Expert

How to Choose a Property Management Company

Dear Quorum, What should I look for in a management company? As a member of the board of directors for your condominium community or homeowner association, you and your fellow board members are charged with a plethora of specific – and very important – duties, all outlined in the association’s bylaws. It truly takes a

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