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Association Insights

Growth and Trends of the Community Association Housing Model

Condominiums, housing cooperatives, and homeowners associations make up nearly one quarter of the housing stock throughout the country. The community association housing model continues to grow with an estimated 80% of all new housing starts are in a community association. There are other important trends impacting our housing model; including changing demographics; race and age,

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Communication Leadership

Associations Aren’t Democracies, But They Can Be More Democratic

Owners are sometimes justified when they grouse about how their community associations are run. Maybe you’ve heard complaints like, “The board’s too powerful,” or “The board’s too weak.” Rules are “never enforced” or they are “too strictly enforced.” Others include, “Nothing is getting fixed,” or “Assessments are too high.” Experienced board members get used to

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Association Insights Communication

Life as a Mixed-Use Community Manager

Working in a high-rise condominium is always an adventure. Walking in each morning and greeting the smiling face of your concierge is just the start of what will always be a different day. Whether you are handling resident’s party lounge reservations, balancing preventative maintenance schedules, paying bills, doing building walk-throughs and audits, meeting with Board

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Which Rules Do I Have to Follow? The Relationship Between Master Associations and Sub-Associations

If you buy a home in a large, planned residential community, you may have just become a member of not one but two community associations. Similar to a state with counties, these communities are often organized such that there is one large community association that governs the entire community (a “master association”), and smaller community

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