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Association Insights Seasonal

So, COVID Happened…Now What?

Now, we keep calm and carry on as generations of humans since recorded history have carried on, through plagues, pestilence, and pandemics, with conceivably less resources to contain them than those with which we are currently equipped.  The idea is to be reformative and enterprising and prepare for future jolting events that could similarly inject

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Legal Liability

Unplanned, But Still Necessary: Gaining Access to Properties During a Pandemic

Dear Quorum,  As association managers, we have had the hard task of needing to enter properties during COVID. Any advice on how can we manage this legally and safely? In the unusual and trying times of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of us are struggling with the debate of whether to stay within the comfort

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Association Insights

New Board – Who This?!

Dear Quorum, As if COVID wasn’t enough change for us all, some of us ushered in a new board of directors to our association!? How can we manage this change and come out stronger on the other side? It’s day one of the new administration in your association. The annual meeting was tense. There were

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Health & Wellness Seasonal

COVID Fatigue: How Can We Start to Interact with Colleagues, But Still Stay Safe?

Dear Quorum, Help! I want to stay safe but am desperate for human connection. What can I do to ensure my safety, while still interacting with colleagues? As a society the pandemic has had significant impact on our daily routines and continues to wreak havoc on our family, friends, social and professional lives. Many of

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