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Leadership: The Elusive Skill

Leadership. It’s a subject that has garnered increased attention in our society over the past few years. A cursory glance in the morning paper, a few minutes into your favorite morning news show, or scrolling down the feed of your social media outlets, it seems as if everyone is talking about leadership and what makes

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Education Finances

Budgeting for Education

Everyone can agree that there is value in all forms of education. We can also agree that all things of value have a cost associated with them. In public education, the cost of this value is managed by local government and paid for by the application of taxes. When it comes to continued education toward

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Health & Wellness

Wellness Management: Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle & Avoiding Burnout

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy”.  American Indian Proverb It’s Monday morning and some of us are already counting down the minutes until Friday evening. How do we create a more balanced life with so many obligations and responsibilities? Are we truly taking time to

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The Calendar: A Basic, But Essential Tool for Community Management

Utilizing your calendar may seem simple and obvious, but often we are not maximizing this most basic tool at our disposal, or we need to develop a habit around using it. Community management is a constant juggling act managing the big picture needs of the community and large projects with the individual needs of residents. In our busy

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