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Association Insights Leadership

Back to the Basics of Common Interest Community Management

As a Community Manager it is expected that you manage the day to day operations of your community flawlessly, that repairs are done within moments, that you never miss a deadline, that you never get flustered and that you do it all with a smile and ample time to chat when owners stop by to

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The ABC’s of Community Manager Training, Certification and Continuing Education

CMCA, AMS, PCAM, LSM, CAI, PMPD, CAMICB – seems like alphabet soup!  What do these strings of letters mean and how meaningful are they in the community association industry?  For professionals working in the industry, it is wise to know. Community association management is a complicated industry in which the rules are constantly changing and

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Annual Meeting Association Insights

Fung Shui of Meetings: Staying Positive With a Timed Agenda

First things first, a board meeting is a business meeting, it is not a social hour to chit chat and catch up with neighbors. An effective board meeting should not last longer than two hours. If they are, and if work is not being accomplished, the board or community manager should reevaluate the reasons why.

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Chapter Outreach

2019 WMCCAI Scholarship Winners

The WMCCAI Scholarship Program is open to all high-school seniors within the immediate Washington metro living within a community association (i.e. homeowners association, condominium association, or cooperative association). The 2019 Scholarship Program was solely funded by WMCCAI members, along with our two sponsors, DoodyCalls and Mutual of Omaha Bank, and two generous donations by Rees

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