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Health & Wellness Landscaping

Pesticide Laws in Montgomery County…And, Why Everyone Should Pay Attention

As I sat down to research and write this article, I had two thoughts: Either, I could make it fast and say it’s just not possible to treat lawns anymore. Or I could write a sequel to Macbeth and bore us all into tears. Luckily, I opted for somewhere in between. To completely understand what’s

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Renovations Seasonal

Creative Recycling

The world of recycling has changed dramatically over the last few years. With higher tariffs being imposed on recyclables, and in turn our waste management contractors changing their strategies, Residents are left with wondering “What is Recyclable?” Additionally, certain counties in the DMV are changing what they will and will not except in terms of

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Community Maintenance

Water Conservation and You

If you live in a multi-unit dwelling like a condominium, one of the ways that you can help keep your condo fees down is to pay attention to your water usage. While your electricity and gas may be individually metered, most condominiums in this area have a master meter. This means that you are paying

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Hosting a PCAM Case Study…What an Eye-Opening Experience!

In July 2019, The Villages of Urbana, in Frederick, MD was chosen for the October 2019 PCAM case study.  As the PCAM is the highest professional designation available to community managers, our staff felt it was an honor to be a host community for this case study. This incoming group of prospective designees were coming

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