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From the Manager’s Perspective: Why I Attend Conference & Expo

I am what one would call a “seasoned” manager, which is a really nice way of saying I’m old. I have been managing condominiums for most of my adult life and have learned a lot over the years, but I have to admit that I did not do it efficiently. During the first few years I was so busy learning through experience that I didn’t think to attend the WMCCAI Conference & Expo, where teaching is much of what occurs.  Duh! So, if you are new or relatively new to the industry, don’t make the same mistake I did. Make sure you attend this event each year.

The location to the conference is very accessible by Metro, which is my go-to transportation mode of choice for this event. You never even have to walk outside! There are informative classes that allow you to earn credits toward getting or keeping your designation(s). Designations are so important to our careers as managers and can make the difference when competing for your next job.

I truly enjoy attending this event each year. There are property managers, association residents, executives and contractors with whom to exchange stories. Don’t be shy.

Visit all of the vendor booths in the Expo Hall. You may not think you need contact information right now for roofers, let’s say, but you will in the future. You may think you don’t need a lawyer because you don’t have problems or delinquencies, but that can quickly change.

Even as a “seasoned” manager, I learn about new products and services each year I attend this conference. Pick up business cards or scan contact information into your phone so you build a file of CAI contacts.

Also, consider taking board members with you! The three years I decided to in fact do this, the board members were so excited to see the opportunities available to them.

Lastly, there are post-expo parties! Many of the participants band together to throw parties at nearby venues. Be on the lookout for an invitation. It’s another great way to network and get to know more individuals across the industry.

By Lee Ann Weir, CMCA, AMS

Lee Ann has been the general manager for Lionsgate at Woodmont Corner and Woodmont Corner Master Condominiums for more than 8 years.  She loves her job because of the dedicated board and committee members as well as the customer service-oriented employees.

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