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Achieving a Work-Life Harmony

Everyone has a different definition of the perfect work life balance. Personal lives will usually dictate what the ideal balance is. Employees that have children may need time off, not only for themselves but also for events or appointments for their children. Recently this has become a benefit that employees are seeking from employers. Recent studies show the importance of this balance and the benefits it can reap, including a better work product from employees with a favorable work life balance.

So how do we get to that ideal balance without negative impacts?

Live in the Moment

Focusing on the task at hand will usually result in a better work product. These work products are representations of yourself, how do you want people to see you? Use this as a reminder to fully focus on the task at hand. The same goes for our personal lives. If you are spending quality time with your family, attempt to reduce any work-related interruptions and give them your full attention.

Positive Thinking

Begin your day with a game plan. You ultimately control the type of day you have by the attitude that you bring into each day. Daily commutes can be used to prepare yourself for the day and also decompress from a long day.

Time Management

The average work day in America is 8.8 hours, which leaves 15.2 hours for personal time. By completing tasks in a timely manner, you remove a portion of the due date stress most of us feel as that date approaches. Properly managing your time will make things seem less difficult because you know what is due and you have a plan already set in place to get those things completed. While you cannot plan for everything, most things can be controlled. When an emergency arises, don’t fret, you will get everything done, just take it one step at a time.

Set Realistic Expectations

Set goals for your day that are achievable. Setting unrealistic goals can result in feeling burned out. By setting these realistic goals, you will feel as if you have accomplished much more and end the day on a positive note.

Finding the perfect work life balance can be difficult, but it is worth investing time into to reduce stress and make your work life and personal life run smoother.

At a recent seminar, Jeff Bazos spoke on the subject of work life balance, replacing the word balance with harmony. Work and personal life are two major components of most people’s everyday lifestyle. By replacing balance with harmony, it allows them to coexist to work alongside one another. The word harmony has previously caused issues throughout the community association industry since harmony is usually an opinion-based term. While harmony in this aspect is still opinion-based, everyone gets to choose their meaning to make it work for them.

While this may be impossible to achieve overnight, try to do one thing at a time until you are happy with the results. No one will have the same balance, only you know what the right one is for you.

By Jacklyne Dempsey, CMCA, AMS

Jacklyne works for Gates Hudson Community Management as an onsite Assistant Manager. She has been in the community management business for almost 9 years and is currently pursuing her PCAM.

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