Our Vision:

To be recognized as the leading resource for Community Associations and Business Partners.

Our Mission:

Optimize the operations of Community Associations and foster value for our Business Partners.

What We Do:

  • Advocacy – establish and enhance/maintain relationships with legislators and government officials and to advocate on behalf of community associations.
  • Member Development – boost membership and participation through enhanced outreach.
  • Education – provide a World-Class Education Curriculum for Stakeholders.
  • Member Services – maximize value provided to our current members, including Business Partners (events, conferences, materials, etc.)

Who We Serve:

Community Association Leaders, Business Partners, CAI National, Community Association Members, Developers/Builders, Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Insurers, Legislators, Managers, Media, Realtors, Sister Associations.

In February 2015, the Board of Directors of Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Associations completed a year-and-a-half-long strategic planning process by unanimously approving a new vision, mission and goals for WMCCAI.

Because WMCCAI is a large, growth-oriented organization serving many constituencies – community association leaders, managers, management companies, and business partners – we undertook a professionally-facilitated, targeted, innovative, and far-reaching strategic plan addressing our complex and challenging environment.

As a result, our Vision and Mission Statements are overarching, the stakeholders are central, and our competencies represent what we do in four key arenas all exercised within the foundational competency of building and maintaining relationships.

Chapter leadership will be working for the rest of 2019 prioritizing initiatives, developing metrics, and engaging stakeholders in support of the plan.  If you would like to see the plan, you can download it here.

Last updated:  March 2019