Legislative Committees

Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Associations Institute’s legislative committees are responsible for identifying legislative issues of importance to common interest communities in the district, Maryland and Virginia. This includes local, regional, statewide and federal legislation. The committees monitor legislation and help the chapter set specific issue priorities. The chapter has three legislative committees: D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Legislative Action Committees

Community Associations Institute’s Legislative Action Committees exist to represent the interests of CAI members with respect to state legislative, regulatory and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations. LAC delegates volunteer a great deal of time and energy to benefit all CAI members and the community association industry.

According to LAC operational guidelines, each LAC is comprised of a minimum of six delegates and a maximum of 20 delegates. In states with one chapter, the chapter shall nominate six chapter delegates; in states with two chapters, the chapters shall nominate three chapter delegates; and in states with more than two chapters, each chapter shall nominate two chapter delegates. All other delegates are considered at-large delegates and are nominated by the LACs. WMCCAI is represented by six chapter delegates in the District of Columbia, three chapter delegates in Maryland and two chapter delegates in Virginia. The chapter delegates nominated by WMCCAI must be approved and appointed by CAI. The annual term for each LAC delegate is from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.

Further Information

You may find further information about CAI’s Legislative Action Committees at www.caionline.org.

Visit the DC Legislative Action Committee website at www.caidclac.org.

Visit the Virginia Legislative Action Committee website at www.caionline.org/Advocacy/LAC/VA

DONATE: "Dollar a Door" Legislative Committee Donation

The LACs receive funding from CAI and the local chapters; however, these funds do not cover the full expense for professional lobbyists that are essential to LAC successes. Your community’s contribution is critical in helping fulfill our advocacy mission, communicate with policy makers, and raise our profile at state capitols.

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