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2021 Virtual C&E: Successful Tips to Transport Your Brand from Table to the Virtual Booth

Congratulations! You have decided to participate in WMCCAI’s 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo (C&E). Now what? Now the work begins! You have 6 weeks to take your brand from C&E marketing to the virtual table and into the future growth of your business.

Market your brand:

Successfully marketing your brand at a virtual conference can be a boost to your business. A virtual booth provides opportunities that an in-person does not. An attendee can effortlessly move through the digital realm to visit your company site, learn about you, and see what others think about your business. You also have the chance within the virtual conference to create brand recognition through the memory of the event and/or experience.  How your brand is perceived through conference event marketing and the execution of your booth will create a memory between your brand and the conference experience that will endure forever.   Through focused planning, event-driven marketing, and positive engagement you can be successful at WMCCAI’s 2021 Conference & Expo.

The Challenge: determine how to differentiate your company from pre through post event, create positive associative memories and generate your own branding magic.

Check lists are key to planning for success and will help you discover what is possible for your branding before during and after the event. I have assembled several checklists below to get you on the right track.

Pre-conference – Differentiate

  • Set your business objective for Virtual C&E 2021.
  • Determine how your brand fits within this year’s theme, Our New World.
  • Use the brand-theme connection to create your virtual booth.
  • Explore WMCCAI’s marketing tools and decide what can be employed for your brand.
  • Seek out additional marketing opportunities.
  • Ask and answer the question – what will draw attendees to my booth?

A large portion of the marketing and branding work for a virtual conference originates before the show begins.  The event host, or, WMCCAI will provide exhibitors general event marketing, advertising opportunities and sponsorship opportunities.  No matter your budget, you can turn these opportunities into branding power.

The virtual experience offers you the opportunity to mingle with your target market. Create excitement.  Elevate the opportunities available by reaching out to your network.  Share your plans to exhibit, run a promotion or contest and connect with the commencement of Conference.   Use viral marketing to spread the word through social media. Create a micro schedule of events for your exhibit hours and market your schedule.  A pre-conference email or mailing can connect registered attendees to you.  Strategy, preparation, and planning are key to your virtual conference success.

The Conference: Create

Incentivize active participation in your booth.  Hosting a raffle or give-a-way during the conference are two ways of getting attendees talking about your business.

  • Provide opportunities for engagement. Holding a mini education session or product demo during your exhibit hours draw people’s attention to your products, services, and expertise.
  • Schedule appointments. This can be done during or after conference.
  • Have fun!

All that preconference planning and marketing set you up for success at conference.  Now all that is required is to sit back, relax and let the event happen, right?  Not if your goal is to engage attendees and create positive association between your brand your target market and their experience.

It is easy for attendees to leave a virtual event.  Give them a reason to stay, interact and develop a business relationship.

Post- Conference – Generate:

  • Encourage your connections to post and share memorable moments from the event.
  • Send a thank you for visiting our booth.
  • Invite attendees to other events that you host or attend.

The end of the conference is only the beginning of your new business relationships.  Keep the connection growing and be respectful of our new digital world. Planting a positive experiential memory is hard work.  But it and will produce results to deliver exceptional and sustainable value to your customers and your business.

For more tips, tricks, and information on how the Chapter can elevate your virtual booth marketing visit

By Christine Domin, MBA

Christine is the director of programs and events for the Washington Metropolitan Chapter CAI. She has developed advanced funding efforts for the Chapter including new marketing opportunities and branding consultations for sponsors looking to strengthen their brand awareness. Christine holds a BS in Nutrition from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Pepperdine University. She is a wife and mother of three who enjoys planning, cooking, and traveling.

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