Community Association of the Year


Penderbrook was named Community Association of the Year in the Very Large category. This is the essay submitted with the community’s application.

Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Penderbrook was built in 1989 and is comprised of 1,776 homes within seven individual land bays united under the umbrella of the Penderbrook Community Master Association (PCA). Penderbrook was developed as a desirable community with a great location and quality amenities. That was three decades ago. Yet, Penderbrook remains a relevant and vibrant community in great demand. And this is no accident. From the moment of homeowner control, community leaders adopted a philosophy, “… the more we enhance the special character and amenities of Penderbrook to differentiate us from other choices, the better our chances to add value to our properties.” Since then, tremendous effort has been invested to improve the quality of life in Penderbrook from the physical facilities to policies and information dissemination.

Penderbrook was built as an architecturally connected community with a solid set of 1980’s architectural guidelines. To stay relevant, we’ve continually updated our guidelines to include “green” materials and take advantage of innovative technology that makes home maintenance easy. Outdated policies and practices have been replaced with practical and contemporary resolutions. We modernized.

Through the years, we’ve prioritized care of our greatest physical asset, the golf course. While other golf courses are going bankrupt, PCA successfully transitioned management to maximize play and preserve our asset for continued success. We evolved.

We commissioned a “Vision 2000 Committee” to evaluate assets and develop a long-term plan. Through this initiative, we added multimillion dollar upgrades to our amenities and a state of the art Fitness Center building with no special assessment or assessment increase. We grew.

Penderbrook has always been a community with a voice that mobilizes for a cause. We negotiated to save our land when West Ox Road was widened. We were the first community in Fairfax designated a “Community Parking District” to eliminate commercial parking on our roads. We’ve wrangled with VDOT over traffic lights. And we continue to be involved in extra-community issues such as Fairfax Forward. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built with local and state government agencies. We made ourselves known.

From inception and through the years, Penderbrook has invested in the details that create a true community: lighting, benches, playgrounds, fencing, ball courts, security, and most recently, WIFI access for our residents. The yearly hardcopy newsletter is now a weekly email newsletter with imbedded links to local resources. The document binders located in the Association office have been replaced with a comprehensive website for immediate access to financials, governing documents, and meeting minutes. We’ve also increased, improved, and diversified event offerings to provide something for everyone. We’ve progressed.

Today, Penderbrook is an ethnically diverse and multigenerational community of young families, empty nesters, renters, and homeowners. We are a cohesive neighborhood bound by quality schools, a sense of security, exceptional amenities and ultimately, our residents. We’ve modernized, grown, and advanced our community through the years. Penderbrook is one the largest, most dynamic yet steady communities in the area and I am proud to be part of its continued success.

By David Braun
President, Board of Directors

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