Community Association of the Year

Oak Creek

Oak Creek Club was named Community Association of the Year in the Large category. This is the essay submitted with the community’s application.

The story of Oak Creek Club is a story about resilience and the determination of homeowners to see their community reach its full potential. Montgomery Land Development launched Oak Creek Club in 2005, but subsequently failed during the downturn in the real estate market. Those were uncertain times for us. However, that failure would set into motion a scenario we could never have imagined with an incredible cast of participants. Homeowners became involved and worked tirelessly in extended negotiations with the Woodlawn Development Group (the subsequent development entity), Prince George’s County, the Maryland Capital Parks and Planning Commission, Toll Golf, and a wide variety of other entities to move our development forward. We have stayed true to the course we set in those negotiations in 2011 and have been witness to the benefits of the strong partnerships we formed as a result of that process. Oak Creek is now a thriving community rapidly moving towards completion and self-governance.

We anticipate the transition to homeowner control late next year and have prepared ourselves so that our transition will be seamless. In 2015 we wrote charters for all the standing committees we knew the community would need going forward. We now have seven standing committees with seven members each. Our community meets every January to develop an annual agenda and schedule. We provide training on the roles and responsibilities of the governing body, and meet regularly to talk about issues related to HOA living and governance. When the time comes, we know our volunteers will be ready to assume Board positions with a seasoned understanding of how HOA’s function. It is our goal to celebrate our transition to full homeowner control and to be well prepared for the challenge of leadership. We have also invested in building strong relationships with our service providers. We see this as the path to obtaining the best services possible for our community.

Oak Creek Club has stunning amenities and, although not owned by the Association, we enjoy a rewarding partnership with the Oak Creek Golf Club. The 18-hole championship course, owned and operated by Toll Golf, is a jewel running through the heart of the Oak Creek Club community. We have learned through this long process that our community is strong because of the
volunteer commitment of our members, our positive relationships with the professionals who serve us, and our unwavering belief in the importance of neighborhood.

By Dwight Ward
President, Board of Directors

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