Community Association of the Year


Lionsgate Condominium was named Community Association of the Year in the Medium category. This is the essay submitted with the community’s application.

Living at Lionsgate Condominium is a perfect home for those desiring a different style of living that may involve downsizing from a house, or if new to the DC metro area, needing conveniences and transportation options. Or, maybe Lionsgate Condominium is perfectly located and accessible to an abundance of cultural and career opportunities. Maybe the appeal of Lionsgate Condominium is that it is an extraordinary building, built and maintained with quality and lasting attention to detail. I believe it is all of these things.

A step outside the elegant brass front doors leads to the discovery of every convenience, restaurants, shopping, recreation, and local community events. Two blocks away from the Lionsgate front door is the Metro where downtown Washington awaits expanding local, national, and international exploration. These choices and immediate access to conveniences are some of the reasons that make daily life at Lionsgate Condominium so desirable for any lifestyle and are just a few steps away. If location, location, location is the mantra for real estate purchase decisions, then certainly, Lionsgate well exceeds all definitions and expectations. But there is so much more to consider.

Lionsgate is elegantly appointed and smartly designed to accommodate everyday living. Work out in the state-of-the-art gym, entertain in the Lions Room, have a sun-filled day on the rooftop, or enjoy a quiet sunset cocktail in the evening. There is certainly plenty of life happening within Lionsgate community to choose from, or not, if you prefer. Whether socially active or private by choice, the decision again is yours. I moved into Lionsgate in 2008 before the entire building was completed. I watched the building rise from the ground, I watched the stone cutters’
work add the finishing touches, bringing this building to life with such attention to detail, and concern for quality that still continues today. Above all is the exemplary staff who welcomes me home and anticipates and supports my needs and that of the entire Lionsgate community twenty-four hours a day.

Location, convenience, appealing condo designs, amenities, and exemplary staff together with a caring Lionsgate community, make the choice to live here so much more than just an address – it makes Lionsgate my home. The strong commitment to maintain the consistency of the Lionsgate experience and enhance its appeal continues to be shared by all who work and live here.

By Elizabeth Lewis

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