Community Association of the Year

Fox Chase

Fox Chase at Exeter was named Communicator of the Year in our Community Association of the Year Contest. This is the essay submitted with the community’s application.

The Fox Chase at Exeter Community is continually improving upon our communication and has taken several steps to increase our effectiveness greatly. We take pride in our community and feel that open communication between our residents is paramount to increasing our quality of life. Each building on property has a bulletin board to ensure communication with unit owners, as well as tenants. Important notices about work to be completed on property and emergency contact information are posted on these boards to inform large numbers of residents quickly. We hold monthly meetings, in which we discuss the issues and ideas that help better our community.

Our Board of Directors values the opinions and input given by the residents in our community during the resident’s open forum. Meeting minutes are taken and posted on our website for residents who are unable to attend. Our community website was recently updated to be more user-friendly.

Please click on the following link to explore our website: Fox Chase at Exeter Website.

The Board Members and the management company are in constant contact through e-mail communication. The Board of Directors has a wonderful working relationship with our property manager, Jon Bach. Mr. Bach contacts the Board of Directors in a timely fashion so that action can be taken on property quickly. Also, in order to help our residents stay connected, we recently created a Facebook page for our community.

Please click on the following link to access our page: Fox Chase at Exeter Facebook Page
Residents are able to see what is happening in and around the community through Facebook. The VOLO Village is a service that we have recently implemented in our community to ensure that we keep our residents connected and informed in a timely manner to receive important messages such as emergency notices, community events, and building work/utility interruptions directly
to the unit owners. This service allows residents to choose how they will receive the messages, either through voice, e-mail or text.

During the blizzard of 2016, VOLO Village was used as a means of communication to our residents to inform them of the plowing schedule. We received very positive feedback for our communication throughout the entire blizzard with our residents. A VOLO Village blast was used in the spring to solicited volunteers for a community clean-up day. In using this service, it has
made community members feel safe and  knowledgeable about the events occurring in the neighborhood.

In the future, the Board of Directors is looking at holding virtual voting and online surveys using VOLO to warrant a higher participation of community input. We realize that residents have time constraints due to busy schedules, but would still like to participate and contribute to our neighborhoods welfare.

Due to our clear communication, Fox Chase at Exeter has very quick feedback and resolutions to any problems or situations that may arise. The Board of Directors thinks that by having open communication it brings our community together in solidarity.


By Amy Morrison
Secretary, Board of Directors

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