July Benefactor of the Month

Brothers Paving

Celebrating more than 30 years of service to the Washington Metro area, Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation continues to provide expert asphalt paving and concrete installation and rehabilitation solutions and services. Our earned and successful reputation through the years has been built upon attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Brothers’ mission is to provide our customers with unsurpassed Integrity, Excellence, and Partnership. Our experience has taught us that with each project having its own unique and specific needs and requirements, sharpened attention to those details can mean the difference between a satisfactory job and an excellent one.

With our highly skilled staff of trained and certified employees, as well as, a well-maintained fleet of the latest paving and concrete equipment, Brothers have the proven expertise to perform small or large projects with results that have supported our years of Integrity. The excellence services we provide reinforces our superior customer service as it relates to developing a strong partnership to the top residential and commercial property managers, builders, developers, government agencies and owner’s agents throughout the region.

Our range of services include:

  • Asphalt Overlay • Concrete Construction
  • Asphalt Repair • Concrete Repairs
  • Asphalt Surface Milling/Edge Milling • Dumpster Pads
  • Asphalt Sealcoating • ADA Requirements
  • Cracksealing • Concrete Sealer
  • Asphalt Rejuvenator • Pervious Concrete
  • Parking Lot Striping • Concrete Parking Garage Repair

Understanding our customers’ needs combined with our history of delivering superb service has resulted in a trust and comfort level you can count on at Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation.

June Benefactor of the Month

Cardinal Management

Company Name: Cardinal Management Group, Inc.

E-mail: cardinal@cardinalmanagementgroup.com

Website: www.cardinalmanagementgroup.com                                                                           

Phone: (800) 356-3294

Year Established or Incorporated: 1987

Areas you serve: Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Since launching the company in 1987, Cardinal Management Group’s principals—brothers Thomas, Don, and Patrick Mazzei—have remained steadfast in their commitment to superior service. Now, three decades later, Cardinal Management Group is the “right sized” organization wholly dedicated to serving your community management needs, large and small.  Our unyielding focus on service, our attention to detail, and our constant professionalism have made us one of the most respected firms in the industry.

At Cardinal Management Group, no matter what type of community we’re engaged to care for, our accredited professionals take an enthusiastic, hands-on management approach. That operating approach begins with our exclusive manager and staff training program. This rigorous corporate program emphasizes core competencies, innovation, attention to detail, and follow-up, as well as accountability and fiduciary responsibility. As a direct result, our team is prepared to address your needs—any need, at any time—with diligence and efficiency.

We are never satisfied with “good enough.” We continually work to discover and refine new ways to serve your needs more efficiently and effectively. This approach to continuous improvement, our management philosophy of open access, and our long-standing industry relationships impact everything we do at Cardinal Management Group, Inc.

So don’t be fooled by the “big” companies that tout their capabilities but cannot offer personalized attention.  Don’t be fooled by those that offer unrealistic prices only to fall flat on service.  Call us.  We are dedicated professionals providing superior management services throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. and beyond.

Company Mission: 

  • We will create an empowered organization where each employee is an integral part of ensuring that our clients are reassured knowing that we are the custodians of their community and the stewards of one of their most valuable and precious assets…their home.
  • We will treat every client with dignity and respect and each problem as if it were our own.
  • We will give our clients the luxury of coming home to a community that is attractive and maintained at all times.
  • We will perform our duties with honesty and integrity and ensure that our clients always have a positive experience when contacting our organization.
  • We will “manage to make a difference” in the communities in which we work.
  • We will be the preeminent community management company where commitment to excellence and responsiveness are the guiding principles.
Community Association Underwriters of America Inc.

Company Name: Community Association Underwriters of America Inc.

Contacts: Doug Kenken, CIRMS & Mike Romano, CIRMS

E-mail: dhenken@cauinsure.com; mromano@cauinsure.com

Website: www.cauinsure.com                                                                         

Telephone: (800) 228-1930

Fax: (267) 757-7469

Year Established or Incorporated: 1989

  • CAI Member Since: 1989
  • Areas you serve: Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.
  • Corporate Associations: CAI, Insurance Agents & Brokers, Arizona Association of Management Companies, Apartment Condominium and Townhouse Association, Community Association Management Executives Organization.
  • Services Provided: CAU is one of the largest providers of community association insurance in the country. Our comprehensive insurance programs were designed specifically for residential and office condominiums, homeowners associations and cooperative apartments and include several coverage advantages that re either optional or simply not offered by other insurance policies.
  • Licenses Held: Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Company Philosophy: CAU was established to meet the unique insurance requirements of the community associations and has designed its policies to specially address community association concerns. We continue to be the nationally recognized industry leader by offering innovative coverage enhancements and risk management solutions while at the same time maintaining our commitment to quality service, prompt resolution of claims and efficient processing of customer service requests.

As we approach our 30th year of service to community associations, our commitment to an unwavering standard of excellence remains the cornerstone of our relationship with our association customers.

May Benefactor of the Month

Griffin Owens


Company Name: Griffin Owens Insurance Group

Contact: Ron Unger and/or Orlando Dorsey

Address: 847 Station St

City, State ZIP: Herndon, VA 20170

Telephone: 703-471-0050

Fax: 703-471-0418

E-mail: ron@griffinowens.com or odorsey@griffinowens.com

Website: www.griffinowens.com                                                                                                                             

Year Established or Incorporated: 1981

  • Areas you serve: Greater Washington Metropolitan Area
  • Corporate Associations: Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, Greater Washing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Services Provided: Insurance

Company Philosophy: Griffin Owens Insurance Group has been helping Condominium Associations and Unit Owners Coordinate insurance protection since 1981.  We develop long lasting relationships with clients because we believe that there is no higher calling than to secure the needs of others.  Our organization is unique in the marketplace because we provide peace of mind to all stakeholders by being the single point of contact for coverage, information, choice and professional advice.  We see our relationship with clients as a partnership where all parties benefit now and into the future.

  • Because we have a comprehensive approach to Condominium Association Protection we understand the needs of the individual Unit Owner as well as the needs of the Association.
  • We work closely with Managers, Directors and Unit Owners to predict, control and prevent losses.
  • If a loss occurs we are there to advocate on behalf of our clients to help ensure a fast and fair claims settlement.
  • We offer our clients choices from across the insurance industry to provide them with extremely competitive prices and comprehensive coverage.

By placing your trust in the Griffin-Owens Insurance Group you will be giving your Association Members the peace of mind that their future is secure and predictable.  We are a caring organization that is committed to helping our clients when the need arises.

We currently serve:

  • Over 15,000 Families
  • Nearly 2000 Business of all trades and sizes
  • 300 Associations, from which many have been with us since inception

April Benefactor of the Month

Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn, PC

Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn, PC
3201 Jermantown Rd. Suite 600
City, State ZIP: Fairfax, VA 22030

Telephone: (703) 352-1900
Fax: (703) 352-5293

Website: www.chadwickwashington.com

Year Established or Incorporated: 1990

  • CAI Member Since: 1990
  • Certificate of Insurance: X Yes   No       N/A
  • Bonded: Yes       No     X N/A
  • Areas you serve: Virginia and the District of Columbia                     
  • Services Provided: Legal Representation
  • Licenses Held: Licensed in Virginia and D.C.
  • Company Philosophy: Assisting association clients with knowledgeable, thorough and creative counsel.

Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn P.C. devotes its practice entirely to community association law in D.C. and Virginia, working with:

  • Homeowners associations
  • Condominium associations
  • Residential and commercial master associations
  • Housing cooperatives


Since 1990, Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn PC has provided comprehensive legal representation of community associations in Virginia and the District of Columbia, including homeowners associations, residential and commercial condominium associations, and housing cooperatives. The firm delivers wise, creative counsel to support an association’s ultimate goal—to run an efficient community that properly serves its members. Our lawyers provide guidance and assistance to boards and managers on the full array of issues facing community associations—such as covenant enforcement, covenant and bylaw interpretation, contract negotiation, amending governing documents and collecting delinquent assessments. We are also experienced in assisting new communities in transition from developer control and provide litigation services if needed. In addition, the firm is a leader on Virginia legislative issues and presents annual seminars to clients and managers regarding the latest developments in the law and other topics of interest.

Contacts: Ken Chadwick, esq., ccal, kechadwick@chadwickwashington.com; Wil Washington, esq., ccal, wwashington@chadwickwashington.com; Brendan P. Bunn, esq., ccal, bpbunn@chadwickwashington.com; Allen Warren, esq., abwarren@chadwickwashington.com and Bruce Easmunt, esq., bheasmunt@chadwickwashington.com (all of whom are past pr


March Benefactor of the Month

The Falcon Group



The Falcon Group – Engineering, Architecture, Energy Services and Reserve Specialists
7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 325
Rockville, MD 20855
PH: 240-328-1095
Fax: 240-328-1096
Contact: J. Stewart Willis

E-mail: swillis@falconengineering.com

Year Established or Incorporated: 1997
Areas Served: DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Corporate Associations: Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Member of Structural Engineering Institute (SEI), Member of National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), Member of National Society of Architectural Engineers (NSAE), Member of Sealant Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWRI), Professional Member of the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI), Member of International Code Council (ICC)

Services Provided: The Falcon Group was founded in 1997 by Andrew Amorosi and William Pyznar with a vision of creating a full-service, client-centric engineering and architecture firm.  “We wanted to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ with a strong focus on customer service to bring a higher standard to the industry.”

Since then, The Falcon Group has been dedicated to their clients and focused on delivering a wide range of services.  Even over 20 years later, The Falcon Group continues to grow.  Our staff works tirelessly to bring creative and innovate solutions and services to the marketplace.

We pride ourselves on being able to assist with virtually every aspect of the construction process.  From planning and design, to construction management, to inspections, renovations and compliance to litigation and forensic engineering—Falcon has it covered.

The Falcon Group’s Civil Engineering Division has extensive experience in land development, roadway reconstruction design, retaining wall design, recreational facility design and drainage analysis and design. The firm also has extensive experience in foundations, basement water conditions, soils, erosion, sanitary and stormwater collection matters.

The experience of our architectural and structural divisions includes building water infiltration detection and waterproofing designs, parking garages, building ventilation issues, low slope and steep slope roofing designs, facade repair and replacement designs, deck and balcony design, fire separation requirements, sound attenuation, and insulation requirements.

Our construction reports, plans and specifications are prepared and designed to a high standard. Construction inspections are performed to monitor and enforce compliance to the design specifications, plans and applicable codes and standards.

The Falcon Group has extensive experience in the preparation of Capital Reserve Studies and Transition Engineering Reports for Community Associations. We have prepared over 3,000 Capital Reserve Fund Analyses since 1997 and have accumulated more than 100 years of collective experience among our staff which includes both CAI designated Reserve Specialists (RS) and APRA certified professional reserve analysts (PRA).

Our Energy Division’s projects are executed using Certified Energy Managers, Professional Engineers, Certified Building Commissioning Professionals, and LEED Accredited Professionals

Licenses Held:  P.E., M.E., R.A./A.I.A., P.R.A., R.S., L.L.S., Construction Official, Building Inspector, Mechanical Inspector

Company Philosophy: Our wide-range of services offered certainly sets us apart from other engineering firms, however, we truly believe it is our staff and their ability to make strong, lasting connections with our clientele that is our competitive advantage.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and our repeat clientele, some for 20 years, is testament to that.

Falcon has a staff of some of the most talented and personable people in the business.  Every day they strive to share their knowledge and passion to help improve our communities.  Everyone at Falcon is always willing to go that extra mile to make sure the job not only gets completed and done right the first time but also that clients stay informed throughout the process via open lines of communication with our engineering and architectural professionals, project managers and office staff.  We really care about our clients and take pride in our work.

At the end of the day, we sell two things:  1) Trust and 2) Results.  Falcon has built a 20- year, positive reputation based on these two pillars of our foundation.

Mission Statement: To be the leader in the industry by providing professional, cost-effective and innovative architectural and engineering designs, solutions, and services through the use of highly qualified staff and outstanding customer service.

The Falcon Group Offers Drone Services


How Can Drones Help You?

Aerial photo / videography and imaging services will elevate your projects to new heights and your inspections and analyses will happen faster. Our industrial-grade drones deliver the newest, most innovative aerial solutions. Safer, faster and more cost-effective.

Our team of professional engineers, architects, special inspectors and FAA certified drone operators combine their expertise to
provide aerial photography, videography, 3D & thermal imaging that reduces costs and delivers superior results.

• Inspect Roofs, Façades, Balconies/Decks, Paving & Landscaping
• Fast, Centimeter-Accurate Siteplans & Blueprints
• Rapid Site Planning & Timely Construction Updates
• Compliance with Local Law Façade Inspections
• Community Renovation, Repair & Improvement Projects
• Community/Building Mapping
• Supporting data for Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Cases
• New Construction & Renovation Progress Reports
• Captivating Real Estate Marketing Imagery, Promotion & Website Enhancement


Why is Falcon Different? Only Falcon Drone Services provides a complete team of certified professional pilots and the engineers and architects to deliver complete, full-service aerial imaging analysis and compliance solutions.

February Benefactor of the Month

Hann & Hann Construction Services Mission


The Hann & Hann Construction Services. Inc. Mission

“To Provide Consistent Quality Service at a Fair Price”

To achieve this mission we must always maintain FOCUS.

Find and retain skilled, motivated and efficient people.

Operate efficiently, safely and neatly.

Consistent Quality…day after day!

Understand and exceed customer expectations.

Structure and organize each job before we start.

Learn more about Hann & Hann Construction Services Inc. at  www.hannandhann.com


Hann & Hann Construction Services Inc.


Hann & Hann Construction Services Inc.
12307 Washington Ave.
Rockville, MD 20852
Telephone: 301-468-3340
Fax: 301-881-5594
Website: http://www.hannandhann.com

Contact: Todd El-Taher, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
E-mail: tel-taher@hannandhann.com

Year Established or Incorporated: 1974

  • CAI Member Since 1997
  • Certificate of Insurance: Yes
  • Bonded: Yes
  • Areas you serve: D.C., Maryland, and Virginia                              
  • Corporate Associations: Member of Community Associations Institute (CAI) Washington Metropolitan Region as well as Chesapeake Chapter, Property Management Association (PMA)

Services Provided:

Hann & Hann provides a consultative approach to the renovation, maintenance and general upkeep of your community. Founded in 1974 we have in-house expertise in painting, wall covering, carpentry, roofing, siding, concrete, lead abatement, and mold remediation, to name just a few of our strengths.  Hann & Hann employs a team of highly-skilled professionals ranging from ownership through management into our production staff proudly providing services to HOA’s, Condominiums, and Co-ops.

Hann & Hann has extensive experience in lead abatement and the risk containment for residents through the abatement process and continually train our personnel.  With credentials in MD, VA, and D.C. and differences in each jurisdiction, we stay diligent in our continued  education of our personnel due to the evolving best practices.  With decades of experience in the condominium market, we are poised to continue assisting communities in the Metro D.C. region with their maintenance, repairs, renovations, and remodeling of any interior or exterior need. Our staff is accustomed to working in occupied spaces and makes every effort to reduce the inconvenience felt by residents.

  • Licenses Held: MHIC(MD), Class A(VA), General service and repair home improvement contractor(D.C.), Lead abatement
  • Company Philosophy: Consult with the client to determine the best solution for the need expressed, where possible providing options ranked as good, better and best explaining the advantages or shortcomings of each. Without hesitation, walk away from projects or requests that have an improper scope of work, risk of ethical conflict, or present risk to building, association, the reputation of Hann & Hann or the management company hiring us. Utilize knowledge, wisdom, transparency, candor and


January Benefactor of the Month

TRC Engineering, Inc.


9210 Wightman Road, Suite 110
Gaithersburg, MD 20886
Telephone:              301-869-6446  /  877-397-8038
Fax:                             301-869-8376
Website:                   www.tedrossconsulting.com

Year Established or Incorporated: 2006
CAI Member Since: 2006
Certificate of Insurance: Yes
Areas you serve:   District, Maryland & Virginia
Licenses Held:   Professional Engineer, VA, MD, DC; VA Master HVAC; Certified Energy Manager

TRC Engineering (Ted Ross Consulting, LLC) consists of a team of experienced professionals working to enable building owners, managers, and boards to provide the best in mechanical systems for their tenants and residents. From Mechanical Engineering and Design to energy audits to piping analysis to emergency call management TRC provides expert aid to their clients. TRC serves as “Owner’s Rep” for projects such as boiler, chiller, cooling tower, piping installations or decentralized air conditioning projects.  TRC will manage the bid process and write and/or analyze project specifications. TRC also functions as an “on-call” engineering team (Directors of Engineering for those properties without an engineering staff) or can work with an on-site engineering staff to improve their expertise on their own systems.  The team members bring these credentials to the table:

  • Professional Engineers with over 25 years of experience in consulting, project management, and
  • Project Engineers for HVAC Systems Renovations.
  • Licensed, experienced Chief Operating Engineer
  • Certified Building Energy Auditors
  • Certified Building Commissioning Agents
  • LEED Consultants

Mission Statement
To provide service that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectation.  Lead the industry with quality standards and continuously monitor and improve the quality of our service. To enable Building Owners, Property Managers and Building Engineers to provide excellent facility service for their tenants and residents.  We serve ethically, with a focus on developing and maintaining long-term client relationships.

Vision Statement
TRC Engineering is focused on being the industry leader in multi-family residential, commercial and industrial mechanical engineering services.  We will continue to develop the services offered including troubleshooting, retro-fit engineering, pipe testing and more in these buildings.

Company Core Values:  Our team is proudly committed to the following values:

  • Integrity:  Always treating our clients and colleagues in a fair manner; Gaining trust through our actions, including ensuring engineering and design integrity.
  • Service: We are consistently driven to provide the best service for our clients’ needs.
  • Respect: Respect within our team and for our clients will lead to a healthy working environment as well as team and client satisfaction.
  • Knowledge: We place value in having our team be leaders and instructors and always growing our technical knowledge to meet the needs of our changing environment.
  • Passion: Nurturing our team with a passion for providing the highest quality service to our clients.

Ted Ross 
Elisabeth Kirk elisabeth@tedrossconsulting.com


Ted Ross, Principal

Mr. Ross leads the team with 30 plus years of experience in mechanical systems; Navy trained, he has been locally groomed in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, computerized mechanical systems monitoring and boilers. Ted is active in various trade and professional associations and a frequent speaker on energy management, aging piping systems and aging building infrastructure at industry conferences and trade shows. He is an instructor for the National Association of Power Engineers Educational Foundation and the Building Owners and Managers Institute. He has also lectured on high volume air conditioning and building issues at the Washington Metropolitan Chapter of the Community Associations Institute where he is currently a Board Member. He is a regular speaker at various training seminars with the Property Managers Association. Ted has served as the National President of the National Association of Power Engineers and currently is chairmen of the technical advisory board giving annual presentations and updates to the delegates at the National Convention. He is also a Judge for the “engineer of the year awards’ for Property Management Association, Building Owners and Managers Association and the National Association of Power Engineers.


About Ted Ross


Ted Ross, Principal

Mr. Ross leads the team with 30 plus years of experience in mechanical systems; Navy trained, he has been locally groomed in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, computerized mechanical systems monitoring and boilers. Ted is active in various trade and professional associations and a frequent speaker on energy management, aging piping systems and aging building infrastructure at industry conferences and trade shows. He is an instructor for the National Association of Power Engineers Educational Foundation and the Building Owners and Managers Institute. He has also lectured on high volume air conditioning and building issues at the Washington Metropolitan Chapter of the Community Associations Institute where he is currently a Board Member. He is a regular speaker at various training seminars with the Property Managers Association. Ted has served as the National President of the National Association of Power Engineers and currently is chairmen of the technical advisory board giving annual presentations and updates to the delegates at the National Convention. He is also a Judge for the “engineer of the year awards’ for Property Management Association, Building Owners and Managers Association and the National Association of Power Engineers.