The Inspectors of Election, LLC (TIE) has been appointed as the facilitator and oversight authority for the Chapter’s election of Board Directors. 

We are pleased to be involved with this election. As a part of our services, we are putting out a “Call for Nominations” to fill the open positions on the Board. Per the updated by-laws reducing the size of the Board, the 2019 election should result in a Board of 13 members. Due to term limits, resignations, and extended terms of Board of Directors in the last two years, the 2019 election requires that (1) Homeowner Leader (HOL) be elected, (2) Managers (MGR) and (3) additional Directors be elected. Of the additional (3) Directors, no more than 2 can be Business Partners (BP). The (2) newly elected Directors with the least number of votes will serve shortened terms to fulfill original terms: (2) years of a term extended for a Chapter President and (1) year of the unexpired term of a resigned Board Director.

This is your opportunity to get involved and support your Chapter!

To run for a position on the board of directors please fill out the online candidate form at The username and password to access the site is listed below.

To complete the form, visit and enter:

Username: WMCCAI

Password: 43043

To be included as a candidate, the online form must be received no later than 5:00 PM on August 31, 2018. The Information provided will be presented to the members exactly as provided to The Inspectors of Election (TIE).

We look forward to receiving your Candidate Statements by 08/31/2018 and seeing you at WMCCAI’s Annual Awards Dinner where the election results will be presented on 11/3/2018.


Kurtis Peterson, CMCA
The Inspectors of Election